At Harvest, we love three things - food, coffee and people.

For us, a meal goes way beyond sustenance. It’s more than eating and drinking, and it’s bigger than taste and flavour. It’s about provenance, seasonality, creativity and connection.

Whether you’re eating light, fueling for a big day on the slopes or looking to indulge a little, you’ll find something on our menu that’s perfect for you. And if you’re just popping in for a coffee, you can be sure it’s a good one.

We can’t wait to welcome you, to serve you and to share our Harvest with you.



At Harvest, we love food.

We don’t just eat it. We live it and breathe it.

We want to know where our food comes from and we want to eat it as close as possible to its original state, free from processing and fuss. When it comes to our menu, we serve the providers rather than them serving us. We source many of our ingredients from local farmers and small-scale producers, and we work closely with our suppliers to find out what’s available, in season and at its absolute best. Then our chefs work to turn those highest-quality ingredients into dishes that reflect the season, the location and our inspiration.

You can be sure that when we prepare those honest ingredients and conjure them into the delicious meals on our menus, we’re doing it with love, enthusiasm and passion. And you can taste that in every mouthful.


At Harvest, we love coffee.

We’re pretty fussy about our daily cup. We’ve travelled the world and tasted the best coffee on offer, and we won’t settle for anything less.

We source the best fair-trade beans and they’re roasted locally to a formula that’s all our own. It’s been tried, tested and perfected, and we’re pretty proud of the result.

But getting the beans right is only half the job. Our team of expert baristas throw their love into every shot of espresso and every jug of frothy milk. They know your name and, more importantly, they know your order.





At Harvest, we love people.

We believe that food - real food, good food - doesn’t exist without community. When we sit down to eat with our family and friends, we’re sharing more than a meal, we’re sharing our hearts and our souls.

Eating together lets us fill up on not just nutrients and calories, but on inspiration, conversation and connection. Some of the best things in life happen around a dining table.

Whether you’re dining alone or with a crowd, we want you to feel welcome and part of the family here at Harvest. If it’s your first visit, we want you to leave looking forward to your next. Chances are, it won’t be long before our place is your place too.



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